Woking Muslim Mission, England, 1913–1968
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  1. Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din, Founder of the Woking Muslim Mission
  2. Lord Headley
  3. Maulana Aftab-ud-Din Ahmad: Visit website dedicated to him
  4. Some converts from The Islamic Review
  5. Major J.W.B. Farmer, Muslim convert who won M.B.E. during the Second World War
  6. Ahmadiyya connections removed from converts’ stories in edition of Islam Our Choice
  7. Marmaduke Pickthall
  8. Dr G.W. Leitner, builder of the Woking Mosque:
  9. W.H. Abdullah Quilliam, mentioned in contemporary Ahmadiyya and Woking Mission literature
  10. The Indian Khilafat Delegation at the Woking Mosque, 1920
  11. John Yehya-en-Nasr Parkinson
  12. Lady Evelyn Zainab Cobbold
  13. Syed Ameer Ali: Obituary from 1928
    — First chairman of the Woking Mosque Trust
  14. Mian Sir Muhammad Shafi: Obituary from 1932
    — Muslim League leader, minister and politician who supported the Woking Muslim Mission
  15. Sir Abbas Ali Baig: Obituary of from 1933
    — Muslim leader who helped Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din obtain the Woking Mosque for use.
  16. Mr. M. A. Jinnah attends ‘Id-ul-Fitr at the Woking Mosque, 1932
  17. Crown Prince (later King) Faisal of Saudi Arabia visits Woking Mosque, February 1939
  18. Memorial service at Woking Mosque for the Aga Khan III, Sultan Muhammad Shah, 21 August 1957
  19. Tunku Abdur Rahman, Prime Minister of Malaysia, visits the Woking Mosque, attends Id-ul-Fitr, 1961
  20. Woking Mosque Visitors Book, 1948–1954 17 December 2012
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the successor of the Woking Muslim Mission.