Woking Muslim Mission, England, 1913–1968

Woking Mosque Visitors Book, 1948–1954.
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Woking Mosque Visitors Book
1948 – 1954

Front cover of the Visitors Book

Note: This Visitors Book is now available as a YouTube video presentation. 27 August 2023

We present below, as a pdf file, scanned images of pages from a Visitors Book kept at the Woking Mosque, signed by visitors during May 1948 to December 1954. The visitors who signed included dignitaries and leading officials from several Muslim countries. The book contains 187 pages:

Besides the entries, all other scribbles and notes, some in pencil, that will be seen, were made in the original book at that time.

The page numbers seen in pencil in the top-left corner of each page were also in the book originally. Note that, by error, the page after p. 73 is numbered as p. 75, and therefore each subsquent page is numbered as one more than it should be. (So p. 74 is not missing but it is wrongly numbered as p. 75.)

The first two signatures in pencil are those of Khalid Abdullah (6 May 1948) and Tariq Abdullah (7 May 1948), sons of the Imam Dr S.M. Abdullah, who were young children at the time.

Abbreviations RPA, RPN, and RPAF in the Visitors Book stand for Royal Pakistan Army, Royal Pakistan Navy, and Royal Pakistan Air Force. Pakistan, although an independent country, was from 14th August 1947 to 23rd March 1956 a dominion of the British Commonwealth, and the King (1947–1952) and Queen (1952–1956) of England were also the heads of state of Pakistan.

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