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Prince Amir Saud at the Woking Mosque, 30 June 1935

(The Islamic Review, August 1935)

He later became King Saud of Saudi Arabia, ruling from 1953 to 1964.

Prince Amir Saud at the Woking Mosque, 30 June 1935

We quote below from the report of his visit as published in the above issue of the Islamic Review:

“Sunday, June 30, 1935, was a distinctive and memorable day in the history of the Shah Jehan [Woking] Mosque.

As some of our readers will remember, three years ago our Mosque was honoured by a visit by the younger son of His Majesty King Ibn Saud. [Note: This would be the future King Faisal.] This year, last Sunday, that handsome young prince has been followed by his eldest brother H.R.H. Prince Amir Saud, heir-apparent to Saudi Arabia.

The reception was timed 4.30 p.m. His Royal Highness, together with the Saudi Arabian Minister [Note: Ambassador] in London, the Private Secretary to the Legation of Saudi Arabia and two 'Sword Bearers' arrived at the Shah Jehan Mosque shortly before that time. They were received before our little Mosque by the Imam sahib, the Secretary at this Mosque, Sir Omar and Lady Rankin, Mr. Paracha, the President of the Muslim Society of Great Britain and Sir Abdul Qadir.

The guests were then taken to a marquee on the lawn in front of the Memorial House attached to the Mosque. Here, standing on a green carpet with his attendants, the Royal Guest shook hands with the guests as each of these were introduced to him by the Imam sahib. Then an address of welcome, printed on Parchment paper, was read and presented to His Royal Highness by Sir Omar Hubert Rankin, the well-known baronet who joined the fold of our Faith about six years ago. The Address stressed the point that, just as the Kaaba, of which his august father was the guardian, was the first House of God on Earth, so the little Mosque which he had that day honoured by his visit was the first House of God in this far-off Northern Region. In the course of the Address a very appropriate tribute was paid to the late Al-Haj Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din, the pioneer of the Faith of Islam in England, through whose enormous sacrifice and tireless efforts it was that the Woking Muslim Mission had come into existence about twenty years ago, and heartfelt thankfulness was expressed for the escape of His Majesty from the hands of a dastardly assassin in the very precincts of the Holy Kaaba while he was performing the most sacred duty that is incumbent on Muslims. The Address closed by wishing His Royal Highness a long life of devoted and highly esteemed service to his religion and to the Islamic peoples. Dr. Zada, the Secretary to the Saudi Arabian Legation in London, translated the Address into the Arabic language for His Royal Highness…”

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