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Group photo from Id-ul-Fitr, February 19th, 1931

(The Islamic Review, March-April 1931)

Group photo from Id-ul-Fitr, February 19th, 1931

At the request of the Imam, the prayers were led by His Excellency Sheikh Hafiz Wahba, the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to London.

This photograph was reprinted in The Islamic Review, January 1967, as a centre spread on pages 20–21. In that printing, the names of four people in the photograph are pointed out. One of them is Dr M. Leon, i.e. W.H. Quilliam. He is the first on the left in the row of people seated on chairs. Below is an expanded view:


For further information about Quilliam and the Woking Muslim Mission, please see our Quilliam page.

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