Woking Muslim Mission, England, 1913–1968
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Photographs from the work of the Woking Muslim Mission and Mosque

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(Abbreviation IR below stands for The Islamic Review.)

  1. Woking Mosque architect’s drawing of Mosque: original print published in August 1889
  2. Picture postcards showing the Woking Mosque:
  3. Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din digging in the garden at the Woking Mosque, 1913 (IR, April-May 1933).
  4. Lord Headley with Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din shortly after his conversion to Islam in 1913.
  5. The very first issue of The Islamic Review, February 1913, front cover.
  6. Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din with his first converts to Islam at the Woking Mosque, 1913 (IR, April-May 1933).
  7. Front cover of The Islamic Review, August 1914.
  8. John Yehya-en-Nasr Parkinson, writer, poet, converted to Islam about 1900 (IR, v. 2, n. 2, 1914).
  9. An early group photo of Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din with group outside Sir Salar Jang Memorial House.
  10. Maulana Sadr-ud-Din giving the Id Khutba and leading ID prayers, August 1915 (IR, September 1915).
  11. A British Muslim family (IR, March 1916).
  12. Three British soldiers accept Islam during World War 1 (IR, September 1916).
  13. Id-ul-Fitr Khutba being delivered by Maulana Sadr-ud-Din, 1 August 1916: [smaller images] [larger images]
  14. Id-ul-Adha at Woking, October 1916, with Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din leading the prayers and delivering the khutba.
  15. Id-ul-Fitr at Woking, 21 July 1917: [smaller images] [larger images] (The African Times and Orient Review, London, August 1917). 5 April 2023
  16. Id-ul-Fitr day at Woking, 10 July 1918: [smaller image] [larger image] (IR, August 1918).
  17. Indian Muslim soldiers at the Woking Mosque with Maulana Sadr-ud-Din (1919 or 1920): [smaller image] [full-size image]
  18. A group of English and Indian Muslims outside the Woking Mosque (IR, February 1920).
  19. Visit of Prince of Kurvai to the Woking Mosque (IR, April 1920)
  20. Group photo outside the mosque, showing workers of the Mission, visitors and Muslim worshippers, including British converts to Islam (IR, May 1920).
  21. Children from local orphanage entertained by the Mission (IR, October 1921).
  22. Id-ul-Fitr Khutba at Woking, 28 May 1922: [smaller image] [larger image] (IR, June–July 1922).
  23. Id-ul-Adha Khutba at Woking, 4 August 1922: [smaller image] [larger image] (IR, October 1922).
  24. Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din with staff of Woking Muslim Mission, and Marmaduke Pickthall (IR, December 1922)
  25. Front cover of The Islamic Review, January 1923, showing inside of Woking Mosque.
  26. Turkish ambassador visits Mosque (IR, March 1924).
  27. Visit of the Begum of Bhopal to the Woking Mosque (October 1925, IR, December 1925)
  28. Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din with some English converts to Islam (IR, February 1926).
  29. A woman convert to Islam and her statement (IR, June 1926).
  30. A convert to Islam and his statement (IR, July 1926).
  31. Id-ul-Adha Khutba in the grounds of the mosque, 1344 A.H. (IR, August 1926).
  32. A convert to Islam and his statement (IR, December 1926).
  33. Muslim group at the Woking Mosque, with the convert Omar (later Sir Omar) Hubert Rankin, showing also Abdul Mohiy: [smaller image] [larger image] (IR, January 1928).
  34. Id-ul-Adha Khutba in the grounds of the mosque, 1346 A.H. (IR, July 1928).
  35. Imam delivering Id-ul-Fitr Khutba, 1348 A.H.: [smaller image] [larger image] (IR, March-April 1930).
  36. Birthday of Holy Prophet Muhammad, London, September 30, 1930: [smaller image] [larger image] (IR, November 1930).
  37. Group photo from Id-ul-Fitr, February 19th, 1931 (IR, March-April 1931).
  38. Sons of the Nizam of Hyderabad (India) visit Woking, June 7, 1931: [smaller image] [larger image] (IR, August 1931).
  39. Birthday of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, London, October 30, 1931: [smaller image] [larger image] (IR, December 1931).
  40. Photographic montage of Friday Prayers, February 1932 (IR, May 1932).
  41. Id-ul-Adha congregation, April 1932: [smaller image] [larger image] (IR, August 1932).
  42. Birthday of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, London, December 7, 1932: [smaller image] [larger image] (IR, March 1933).
    Both Mr. Jinnah and Sir Muhammad Iqbal were among those invited.
  43. Id-ul-Fitr, January 1935, Sir Abdul Qadir delivering Khutba (IR, March 1935).
  44. Function at Grosvenor House, London, June 1935 (IR, August 1935).
  45. Prince Amir Saud (who was later King Saud of Saudi Arabia from 1953 to 1964) visits Woking Mosque, June 1935 (IR, August 1935).
  46. Id-ul-Adha gathering, February 1937 (IR, April 1937).
  47. Laying of foundation stone of Nizamia Mosque, West Kensington, Central London (IR, August 1937).
  48. Another scene from the foundation stone laying (IR, August 1937).
  49. Iranian ambassador visits Mosque, photo with Imam Maulana Aftab-ud-Din Ahmad: [smaller image] [larger image] (IR, November-December 1937).
  50. Birthday of Holy Prophet Muhammad, London, May 2, 1939 (IR, July 1939).
  51. Crown Prince Faisal (later King of Saudi Arabia 1964–1975) visits Woking Mosque.
  52. Imam attends Convention of Religions in Southport, August 1939: [smaller image] [larger image] (IR, February 1940).
  53. Contingent of Indian Muslim soldiers with the British Expeditionary Force at Mosque, 10 May 1940: [smaller image] [larger image] (IR, December 1940).
  54. Muslim soldiers of the Indian army based in Britain during the Second World War celebrate Id-ul-Adha at the Woking Mosque, 28 December 1941 (Photo: The Times, Report: IR, September 1942).

Post Second World War photos

  1. A view of Eid from the late 1940s, showing flags of Muslim countries.
  2. Colour front cover of The Islamic Review from its first issue of the new launch in 1948.
  3. Woking Mosque Fountain in late 1940s.
  4. Ayub Khan at the Woking Mosque, October 1950
  5. Dr. S.M. Abdullah, Imam of the Woking Mosque (1946–1956).
  6. Dr. Saeed Ahmad Khan, future Head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement, visits Woking Mosque. 18 February 2020
  7. Congress of Muslims in Great Britain, June 1952
  8. Photograph of ‘What is Islam?’ signboard at end of Mosque grounds, facing railway line.
  9. Pakistan High Commissioner M. Ikramullah at Id-ul-Adha, July 1955 (IR, September 1955).
  10. Memorial service for Agha Khan III, July 1957 (cross-link to Personalities Section)
  11. Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdur Rahman, at Id-ul-Fitr, March 1961 (IR, April 1961), and in 1965.
  12. Woking Mosque Postcard with special pictorial cancellation mark, 1961: [smaller image] [larger image]
  13. Mr. S. M. Tufail (Assistant Imam, 1951–1954, Imam of the Woking Mosque, 1959–1966).
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